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5 of your top questions answered about the Optic-Kleer franchise

Choosing to invest in a franchise is a big decision – we get it, we really do. You want to be absolutely sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Optic-Kleer franchise website is a real gold mine of information, and I am always available to help you learn more, but here are 5 of your top questions answered:

1.      What kind of van do I need, and do I need to buy one from Optic-Kleer?

What kind of van you use is entirely up to you, and you have total freedom to purchase or lease it from wherever you like to make sure you get the best deal. There’s no commitment to purchase through Optic-Kleer or their suppliers. 

Of course, you need to be sure it is fit for use and able to store all your equipment, and then Optic-Kleer will take care of all the graphics and branding to make it look the part.

2.      How I do get my customers? 

Thanks to their agreements with a number of top retailers such as Sainsbury’s, B&Q, and Morrisons, Optic-Kleer puts you right in front of customers in places with some of the largest footfalls in the country. You’ll have direct access to 10s of thousands of potential customers in your local area, with a constant turnover of new faces arriving all the time.

The great part about this, of course, is that these retailers want you there! They see the potential of Optic-Kleer to improve what they can offer customers as a local community hub, and you get the huge profile boost that comes with being a trusted partner. It’s a real win-win situation! 

Check out this video of franchisee John repairing a windscreen while his customer shops.

3.      How many customers can I expect, and how much can I earn?

An Optic-Kleer franchise offers you a fantastic return on your investment. They have a great earnings calculator on their website so you can see exactly how much you could earn. 

With a very achievable 5 customers per day for 21 days a month, you are looking at around £5,460 per month, or more than £65k per year. You’ll notice that the slider goes up even further – a LOT further – so why not have a play around with it and think about what you could achieve.

4.      When everyone’s tightening their belts, will customers still spend money on windscreen repair?

Yes, absolutely! Despite the challenges for everyone over the last 2 years, how much Optic-Kleer franchisees have been earning has barely been touched – in fact, it’s likely to rise! 

There’s 2 very good reasons for us. Firstly, the majority of the cost is usually paid for by insurance companies.

Secondly, it’s a service which will save customers money in the long run. Leaving a windscreen chip unattended can lead to much larger damage to the windscreen – maybe even requiring it to be replaced completely. Of course, this is incredibly expensive, and it can all be avoided by using Optic-Kleer’s very affordable service early on. Insurance companies know this, and so do customers. 

This is a service which will never be out of demand.  

If you check out the Optic-Kleer franchise website, you’ll also see a rolling update of the jobs their franchisees have completed. This is live information taken directly from their database, so you can see exactly how busy they are. A new one pops up every few seconds!

5.      How quickly can I get up and running with an Optic-Kleer franchise?

Very quickly! The Optic-Kleer team have worked hard to perfect their training and support to the point where you can very quickly learn how to put their business model to use for yourself.

Training sessions are held throughout the year, and potentially you could go from signing an agreement to welcoming your first customers in just a few weeks.

You can find out how to get involved in the next training session by scheduling a call with me, but I recommend you don’t hang about – these sessions fill up fast!

Is there anything we have missed? The Optic-Kleer franchise website is a fantastic resource which can answer pretty much all your questions, and the prospectus goes into even further detail.

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